Prayer requests can be submitted to:
Please  pray for Paige.  She has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver (not from alcohol).  Pray that the Doctor willl choose the right course of treatment for her.  Praise report – they are  including  her in a case research study!  They just determined that she needs  quadruble bypass before they continue treating her liver.
John has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  They have not discussed the course of treatment yet.  Please pray that the insurance company does not delay treatment. Praise report-  his postage count is down, but they are considering putting him on oxygen.
Pray that the doctors will find the cause of Kim’s persistent cough that she has had for several months.  Pray that that they would find answers while they do more tests on her.  Praise report –  Pressure on her heart is is 90% better and her cough is 80% better! Her cough seems to be in the morning only.
Please pray for Sharon, she is discontinuing her cancer treatment.  Pray for a pain free transition for her.  She is a God fearing woman and a dear sister in the Lord.
Please continue to pray for Robin and Kevin.  Robin had to go back to work, and it is taking a toll on her.  Please continue to pray for Kevin that he would be approved for permanent disability.  And that the Lord would heal him of the COPD.
Please pray for Mandy and her husband for reconciliation, and for Kathleen and Cassie’s healing from cancer.
Please pray for an unnamed senior who needs prayer.
Pray for Josephin and Damianus for reconciliation.
Please pray for Stacy as she continues to have medical testing performed and that her insurance would approve the internal CPAP machine.